Emil Ställvik

Welcome to my page and great that you found your way here! I’m a technical change specialist with a burning passion for making things more effective. As a person I’m rarely satisfied with anything which is why I think that change and adoption appeals to me – we can always make things better, and have more fun!

“Work hard. Play hard. Rest harder.”

– favourite quote

At work I focus on change management in technical project most often related to Office 365 onboarding and collaboration or adoption within Microsoft Modern Workplace which is probably why I find it interesting to write about it on this blog. Most of my time is spent consulting, end-user training and driving projects from a change capacity.

“Technical change specialist with a passion for effectivity and adoption within Microsoft Modern Workplace”

– generally about me at work

Currently I’m working as a solution architect at Coligo together with the best team members where we are unifying people through technology. If you want to get in, touch please reach out at: