Fredrik Brännvall

Started to work in the IT business in 2004 with building computers.
After some military training and education a first line support opening was offered to me which I accepted in the early 2008.

Quickly I was promoted to the second line support and went from dealing only with end user incidents to more server side incidents. In this team I was allowed to focus on communication server incidents like Exchange server and Office Communicator Server. Of course I had to troubleshoot other systems as well and help end users with complex incidents. Other tasks performed in this role was to help customers migrate and upgrade, more project like cases.

Later on another IT company offered me an job as a Exchange server specialist consultant and educated me to be an Lync 2010 server specialist. Now I was mainly working in projects implementing, upgrading and migrating customers. This role or title was I working as under two companies under 8 years. During the years more and more Office 365 projects was ordered by customers.

Since 2018, I’ve been working as a Modern Workplace architect specialised in the collaboration area trying to help customers benefit the most out of the cloud suites they’ve bought for their end users. Since 2018 Microsoft Teams has been the application many companies waited for and I’m helping out to educate end users in the new way of working so that customers will have a faster return of investment. In 2019 I was educated and certified as a change manager.

Living with my family, wife and two kids, in Stockholm, Sweden. Outside of work I am doing some renovation on our house, like to do some small home automation projects, being a coach for my daughters football team and watch ice hockey games.