Teams, teams, teams…where to start?

How to successfully rollout Teams in an organisation?
How to support end users so they adopt the new digital tools?
Where to start?
When is the rollout finished?
What is the purpose and goal? How to transition from Skype to Teams?

This is questions that I hear when organisations start their journey to Teams. The questions are legit but some questions must be answered before and they cannot be answered just by the IT department.

What is the purpose and goal for this project?
If you answer to rollout Teams you are on the wrong track. Most of your end users will not embrace a change in their working with that vague argument. With correct arguments and the correct sender, end users will much likely accept the change.

So what is the goal for your organisation? Do you have a vision for the upcoming years where the is heading?

Does Teams map to the vision and will the leaders of the organisation support the project with launching Teams?
The vision is key for a project to success. If there’s no vision and goals when to know when the project have delivered?
How to reach end users so they can adapt to the new tools?

The IT department cannot lead change on their own in an organisation, there’s a need of a sponsor network which can help out with promoting, communicating and handle resistance for the change.

A sponsor network includes profiles such as a top management leader, the president is most preferred, and there is a need end user managers. Don’t forget that managers are also an end user and has a manager of their own.
So there’s a need of a change manager who help leading the change. A change managers role is to support sponsors, have plans for communication and how to handle resistance.

Way of working, who is the owner of this topic? The IT department?

Many IT departments I’ve visited thinks that they are owning the way people work in their organisation. Think of it, does IT in your organisation really know how for instance the finance department or HR department work? Every process, every tool and all their communication internal and external of their departments?

The IT department can be advisors for the departments when they are creating their way of working in this new tool. Be a part in the early discussions and guide the departments how the features and functions work but also guidance regarding governance and security.

In the upcoming articles I’ll write about where IT departments can start with teams and how the organisation can start the journey to a successful Teams launch.

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